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It's been too long since I played with graphics (Algebra and geometry is starting to fail...)

Just realised as I was working out linear interpolations across a plane in 2D that I'm getting very rusty in my basic math skills. Used to be that I played with this kind of stuff every time I sat down to program. Nowadays it's all if statements and SQL queries, with elegant algorithms few and ...

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The First Word

The first word
Is not aardvark
It is a
Yet that's what she remembers
From our first day

I realise of course
Memories of me
Grounded in forgotten days
Are shadows that
Will quickly fade away

So few will remember
Singing of the poets
Or philsopher's peans
As days pass
And years come between

Memories ...

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Rinse, repeat (Another day, just like the last...)

I was strongly tempted to repeat yesterday's post. Turns out that today was Tuesday, the meeting and party were to be Wednesday (I discovered this only on phoning Tim at 9am this morning to ask if he wanted to head over yet). Looks like we won't be doing the party. The SSL error turned out ...

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Business Plans (and SSL)

Couldn't get the Twisted.spread server to work when using SSL, but it works fine with bald TCP. Burned far too long on that today. Got Shane hooked up on the VoIP system, which was good. He seemed very happy when he just plugged it in and everything worked.

After I got fed up with "connection ...

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Water Clocks

Father, so like me
We seem to never talk
Who never writes or calls
We should be sides
Of a single stream
But little things
Come between
Drifting through precious time
Casting all about
For the right place to stand
We'll run the water of the clock
Dry if neither makes it ...

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How parties were meant to be (Long, loud, full of laughter and deep conversations...)

The party for Lara's return was, IMO, a success. Lots of people, lots of people meeting new people. The coconut rice pudding worked quite well, (but I messed up the milk one as I thought it was far too wet and compensated... it was bone dry by the time it finished cooking. Oh well.) The ...

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Fresh Cleaned Floor

Lie here with me
On the fresh cleaned floor
Listen to the humming house
Quiet in the folding dark
Stare out the open window
On chill winter's sky
Hold my calloused hand
Or let me touch your softest hair
Let the starlight bathe us
As pine hangs in the air

Faded Demons

Normally they are warped splendour
Twisted wreckage of the day
Piled on articles from papers
Digested and forgotten long ago
Forms disolve to truths and passions
Love pokes out from every door
Reality folds ten dimensions
Into our cosy carpet on a floor

Yet last night they wimpered
Rooms merely rooms
All just places for ...

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