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Jan. 24, 2005 - Jan. 30, 2005

Thunderbird for those of us with enough eye strain (Editing a configuration file in the application data directory is something no grandmother should have to do...)

Thunderbird on Windows always seems to pick up a good default font size for the message-list and tree panes. On Linux it picks some god-awful small font that, after a few hours, starts to make my eyes ache (and when one's sister is just getting over an eye infection, bloodshot, watery eyes tend to make ...

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Long day's hacking (Not much to show...)

I try to at least make everything modestly testable, but sometimes it just seems to bog down the day's work...

I've got this fairly simple requirement; rescan unresolved records in the CMTS tables every minute or two to determine whether the modem has come back online. That was pretty easy to write. The problem is ...

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TV-on-Linux almost working... (Or so I tell myself)

Okay, decided to spend my jittery hours seeing about getting those last few items keeping me off of linux taken care of. Item number one; Personal Video Recorder. As regular readers may remember, I've given up on MythTV and am concentrating on FreeVO (mostly because, as it's written in Python, I might have a chance ...

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Beautiful waitresses are always trying to get me to overdose on caffeine (Unfortunately, I always seem to fall for their tricks...)

PyGTA meeting was this evening. Greg Wilson gave a talk about his course at the University of Toronto and about his attempts to make Python more acceptable to the academic community (for which he got a PSF grant for this year).

Was interesting to hear his perspective, and I agree with the general principle that ...

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My punishment for continuing to run Windows (And buying a cheap consumer router/firewall...)

Woke up this morning to AVG flashing messages telling me that multiple files in the system32 folder were infected (and that it didn't know how to fix them). Fixed that (eventually) by deleting the DLLs and then manually unpacking them from their source CDs, AVG now reports the whole machine is clean. However, it really ...

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Evening doesn't go as planned (Though hopefully the memory leak is fixed now...)

Did a bit of work tracking down memory leaks in TwistedSNMP. As Glyph and I had discussed, eliminating the __del__ methods from the Deferred object eliminated the leaks. My fix so far is pretty ugly (introduces two descriptors and a sub-object with a __del__ to provide the functionality, but it does work, so just a ...

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