Funky GSM playback with Asterisk 1.2.1 (Load issues, maybe...)

I upgraded my Asterisk development machine to 1.2.1 a few days ago (from 1.0.something). Since then I've had really poor playback of the GSM sound files (slowed down dramatically, often dropping out) even to SIP phones connected across a local LAN. Connection and link to remote machines produces fine quality, so I'm assuming it's a problem with the box itself, likely problems trying to transcode from the GSM encoding to the encoding the phone is using.

The box is under constant load, (4.3 at the moment), but I would have thought it would be able to handle a single GSM-to-G.711 transcoding even with a compile and a mythtranscode in the background. Hmm, it's failing even without the compilation running.

I'm suspicious that it might be a problem with the timing. I wound up having to alter a kernel timer resolution to 4x normal in order to build the ztdummy driver. I'm wondering if maybe that's making the playback run at 1/4 speed.

Anyway, other than that (which makes the whole exercise useless, really) having some success with building little mini-apps to test/demo StarPy. So far just a basic click-to-call operation with a web front-end using Nevow. Works fine, but it's nothing special yet. I'm thinking I'll try something more like an automated phone questionaire application.


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