Just what I needed (If not the most productive of days...)

Spent the whole day at Linux Caffe (~13 hours). Putatively working on my thesis for the first 6 or 7 hours, but that broke down into conversations for about 80% of the time. After that I just gave up and talked to people, though there was a brief episode where I tried to get the Toolkit toolchain installed on Rose's laptop so I could work on porting OpenGL-ctypes to Win32 (no luck, stupid 300MB downloads)!

Didn't get to the poetry slam, so I really have to get to the Meetup tomorrow. Did manage to get the partition on the laptop resized to eventually install Gentoo on it, but it seems the wireless card isn't a readily Linux-compatible one. Sigh.

I did manage to get some writing done while down there (basically before Seneca showed up). Mostly I was working on the consistency-in-depth section I've been blocked on. Realised that the reason I was blocking is because the entire discussion was theoretical, so kept saying the same thing over again. What it needs is a concrete example, at which point the basic idea becomes obvious and can be elaborated on from there. I'll upload the new version tomorrow when I turn the laptop back on.


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