Poetry and food consume the day (No complaints...)

My plan for today had been to work for a few hours before heading down to the Toronto Poetry Meetup, then come home and work some more. Instead I woke up too late to get any work done, attended the (quite pleasant) TPM (basically a low-key workshop), then headed home thinking I'd work on the blocking sections in Cinemon.

A few minutes after I got home Rose told me Ken was having a party... so off I go. Mostly architecture classmates of Ken's. Didn't get into any particularly involved discussions, which is strange for an evening with Ken and I in the same room. Lots of food, pleasant people, a good time had by all. Home now.

Rose is having a French brunch tomorrow afternoon while I'm at gram's place, that'll likely be done by the time I get home, so hopefully I'll be able to get some work done then.


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