ACPI is working (Yay!)

Finally got the ACPI code working. Key is to use the Gentoo power management guide. With that the KDE laptop power control is working properly. Makes the on-power/off-power changes work quite nicely. Next up is the synaptics touchpad. Also got the dhcpcd timeout set so that booting without the wired network connection doesn't take 10 minutes waiting for half a dozen timeouts.

Seems like all of this stuff, which is probably 15 or more packages in total and a dozen or more modules, should be collected under a single "Toshiba Satellite" emerge that pulls in all of the emerges required to get a fully functional Linux laptop.

Anyway, more to configure to be ready for work on Monday... off to it.


  1. matt

    matt on 04/02/2006 1:53 a.m. #

    I've also been through this on my thinkpad (w/ gentoo). The documentation is good, but not specific enough. Luckily their is the thinkpad linux mailing list and thinkwiki site which help a little (but they are distro-agnostic).<br />
    <br />
    Instead of ebuilds per laptop there should be laptop specific profiles.... Maybe I'll blog about that. It's just a little annoying that all the hardware will (or does) work, but you have to configure it and google for hours to figure out to whys and hows....

  2. Real estates

    Real estates on 11/22/2007 2:10 a.m. #

    Good news!)

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