Oh, that's the way a day is supposed to go (Chatting with intelligent, animated women all afternoon...)

Met (again, but this time we talked) Sacha (a.k.a. Sandra) down at Linux Caffe. We have a considerable number of common friends and she's delightful to talk to. She's constantly active, I don't believe I saw her sit still for even a second. Invited her to the party on Saturday so she can meet the rest of the crowd.

Then headed off to the IEEE talk by Ian's client Lorna. She's got a patented Fuzzy Logic algorithm that they're turning into a business. If I can oversimplify, it provides a mathematical modelling of that which is likely versus that which is plausible based on set operations with previously known conditions.

Walked over to the dinner afterward in the rain with Sonila (hope I'm spelling her name right). She's fun to debate :) . Regarding the technology, we got into it regarding the fact that the system is (as currently implemented) statically configured. That is, the system doesn't have any feedback mechanism to train the weightings in light of improper decisions. That's fine from a practical standpoint, but I'm interested in how to produce adaptive systems more than modelling static rule-systems.

Anyway, a strikingly pleasant first evening on my new path.


  1. Sonila

    Sonila on 06/01/2006 1:24 p.m. #

    As per our discussion, the tool tries to satisfy all the customer specifications based in the pool of data provided. I agree at one point with Mike(y) that there are limitations in the tool and in order to be a “completed” tool, the dynamic tuning is necessary. This would require more expertise and data from the customer in order to trigger new thresholds for extremely specific situations.

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