Think I've basically "got" bzr now (We'll see...)

Have pushed a copy of my bzr repository up for the spike-test of Cairo rendering Turtle graphics. You can get it by installing bzr and then doing:
bzr branch

Not much has changed since last night, I've just been working on figuring out bzr and doing a bit of clean-up to make the code less namespace-polluting (i.e. make a package instead of putting files in the top-level namespace).

To run you'll need PyGTK, PyCairo, PyRSVG, and likely a few other dependencies I'm forgetting. Switch to the "hare" directory and run bin/ At the moment it just runs a hard-coded file-name in the samples directory. Eventually it will be running in-memory code from the editing/viewing window, obviously.

Now on to the fun stuff.


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