I can see clearly now (The squinting's gone...)

The difference between Rose's little 17" CRT and the 20" LCD is... striking. Heck, even compared to the old, failing 21" CRT (which was really good in its time) it's a joy. Colours have good range. Quality is good enough that the PVR output actually looks pretty bad (can see the compression artefacts); basically I can now see what's always been there. At 55% brightness it's very bright and crisp seeming (100% is a way too bright for my eyes). I'm also very happy about the height adjustment, being able to bring the monitor up to center at eye height on the desk is very pleasant.

Ran into a problem with the new DVD-RW drive, "OPC" failures on attempts to record a DVD-R. Had to upgrade to the latest stable version of the dvd+rw-tools package to get K3B to run. It still complains, but it runs. The drive is also (annoyingly) missing the pins from the audio out connector, so won't be able to use it for playing movies (I don't feel like schlepping all the way back to College and Spadina to replace it for something that minor).

Canada Computers didn't have the Linux-friendly version of the WRT, so didn't wind up getting a wireless router. Did get the case fan to replace the dying one in my workstation... ah the (relative) peace of not having that whining fan. Of course, the new fan doesn't actually work, but that's a trifling concern, there are 5 or 6 fans in the box.

Setting up the Business account was remarkably time consuming. I left the house at about 10:10 and wasn't finished the process until slightly after 13:00. I'd thought it would be a 20 or 30 minute task. Turns out that for business accounts (at CIBC) they want you to fill out deposit slips. It's been a very long time since I've even seen one of those.

Anyway, the entire day (almost 8 hours!) has evaporated in errands. I think maybe I should get myself some food and relax for a few hours and then see if I can't get a few billable hours in before bed.


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