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Wild Cowlicks

I stroked her hair just yesterday
As she always pretended to hate
Smoothing down wild cowlicks
As I told her of the passing week
About our new dog arriving
With my little sister returning
I don't know if she heard
Through the drugs and dreams
But at least I stroked her hair

Sharing Her

I tried to share her
Cajoling friends along
She charmed them to a one
With easy smiles she won them
With open heart she took them
With a hug she set them free

Her Lesson

Give thanks to those
Who help you
When you are young
Because when you are old
And realise
How precious they were
They will be gone

So she told me
Time and again
Remembering her uncle
Taking in an orphan
The lady who raised her
Along with her daughters
Kindly shopkeepers
Giving her sweets

Yet ...

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The Step of Helen

It's been three years
Since she told me

She was prepared to go
Though she didn't figure
There was anything beyond
She was finished with this world

Satisfied she'd done her duty
Proud of her far-off gifted son
Glad of her charming daughter
Happy with what she'd begun

Yet we imposed upon her to pause ...

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Procrastination pays (Apparently, with accounting software...)

As some of you may recall, GNUCash went a bit nuts a few weeks ago and stopped being able to calculate overall totals or produce printable invoices. Last week's invoice was long enough that I just didn't want to hand-produce it, so I decided to try the 2.0.0 release (marked unstable (~amd64) on Gentoo).

There ...

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