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Fixed one regression, another discovered (Don't fix unbroken things...)

The bug in the array handling for OpenGL-ctypes was due to my trying to be too clever. Oops. Finished running the OpenGL and OpenGLContext test suites. Biggest issues that surfaced were that the nurbs support has been broken somehow :( , and that the OpenGLContext mouse-handling code is accepting far too many events for processing, ...

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Something got fixed on my machine (Probably by the gcc and glibc update)

Running the PyOpenGL GLUT demo "", which is basically identical to the standard glxgears program, today I get 1430fps on my workstation, (compared to about 1600 for glxgears today). This same machine was getting around 150fps last week (with either program). I'm guessing the complete system rebuild with gcc 4.x and glibc 2.4.x (which was ...

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Apparently a regression crept in over the weekend (My lunch-break in testing...)

Spent the lunch break working on testing OpenGL-ctypes. Got through all of the PyOpenGL demos, but far more were failing than should have been. It appears I've introduced a bug in array handling at some point and didn't notice it. Grr. Worse, as I was testing in the OpenGLContext area I discovered a bug that ...

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