A weekend of little tasks (Bits and pieces but no great accomplishments)

I took a 4 day weekend intending to spend the entire time on OpenGL-ctypes and related projects, trying to get the whole enchilada moved to an alpha release. Somehow out of the entire weekend I only seemed to get about 1 day of hacking in.

During that short period I ported SimpleParse and TTFQuery to using setuptools. I did the same for FontTools and also converted it to using numpy and/or Numeric. Unfortunately, the font rendering is now showing the wrong glyphs (but they are correctly formed glyphs, so it's likely a matter of how I'm indexing into the tables). Will have to figure that out before I submit the patch.

I found and fixed a number of bugs in OpenGL-ctypes, including a number of other places where from ctypes import * had been done (and was polluting the namespace as a result). I ported the PyVRML97 module to use numpy or Numeric and made it a stand-along setuptools project (instead of part of OpenGLContext).

This evening I created a little logo for the VPython project. It's a py-wriggler (the same guy you see in the PyOpenGL and OpenGLContext logos) wrapped around a sphere blazoned with a "V". We'll see if they like it enough to use it. I'm somewhat annoyed that none of the tablet, camera or scanner are working properly at the moment for graphics work. The tablet has a longstanding issue, but the camera issue is new. The scanner just doesn't work with Linux and isn't set up for use with Rose's Windows laptop.

I spent quite a bit of time working on the short paper that Soni and I are writing together on grid computing. Hadn't intended on that, really, but we want to get feedback from one of Soni's friends at her old university.

Also spent quite a bit of time training the puppy. He's still needing to be corrected a lot when something distracts him (which is almost every step), but when he's paying attention he seems to get that he's supposed to be playing follow the leader. Part of the training is getting him accustomed to sitting/lying at my feet quietly, so on Friday I spent a few hours (between phone calls for business issues) sitting in the living room reading thesis-related materials. Design theory is so much more interesting than computer science. Sigh.


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