Eliminating the last required OpenGL-ctypes extension (Still two optional ones...)

This morning I decided to eliminate the _strings.so C module from OpenGL-ctypes. This module had a single function which retrieved the data-pointer from a Python string structure. That was done mostly because of things like potentially having a different Python version or a different Python compilation flag resize the PyObject structure header and wanting to be able to adapt to that. Instead I'm now hacking the support in such that it does a short run-time test to determine the offset and then uses that calculated offset.

With that there's no required C extensions in OpenGL-ctypes. That is, nothing that's part of the package, obviously Togl, GLUT or GLE are required if you want to use Togl, GLUT or GLE, but we don't have any extra compilation required to use those. The two remaining extensions are for the legacy Numeric and numarray modules (numpy has Python-level support for everything we need from it).


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