Go egg or go home (Setuptools seduces me...)

As of now I've introduced a dependency on setuptools into OpenGL-ctypes. The ability to readily define a published plug-in API is the thing that finally swayed me. It cleans up the array FormatHandler registration very nicely. It also makes a nice .egg, eventually should allow for automated installation, and generally is a lot simpler to write than the distutils version.

Unfortunately, numpy doesn't install with easy_install, so I can't have it automatically declared as a dependency. I also haven't yet figured out how to make Numeric/numarray optional extension modules (that is, only build the C extension if the upstream requires those options). For right now I've just disabled Numeric/numarray and only support numpy in the egg.

I've also done some work on the error handling, hopefully that will solve some of the problems on OS-X. Next step this evening is to try to get Win32 up and running. Oh yay.


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