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Almost done setting up the win32 toolchain (Downloading the last piece now... and for the next few hours)

I've got most of the system setup done for the Win32 compilation. I have the cygwin tools all installed and the major projects checked out. I've got the path and pathext setup for python and have easy-install installed. However, I'm missing a module that's sitting on the machine's (reiserfs) hard-disk un-checked-in (and thus unavailable to ...

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Something sucks in redmond (PITA continues to be a pain)

I spent 3.5 hours last night installing and re-installing Windows 2000. Another few hours this morning/afternoon. Every time I installed any of the video drivers for the Leadtek card (Leadtek's or nVidia's) I wound up with a machine that couldn't display anything (even in safe mode) because the driver would always load and corrupt the ...

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