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Sept. 18, 2006 - Sept. 24, 2006

Almost done setting up the win32 toolchain (Downloading the last piece now... and for the next few hours)

I've got most of the system setup done for the Win32 compilation. I have the cygwin tools all installed and the major projects checked out. I've got the path and pathext setup for python and have easy-install installed. However, I'm missing a module that's sitting on the machine's (reiserfs) hard-disk un-checked-in (and thus unavailable to ...

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Something sucks in redmond (PITA continues to be a pain)

I spent 3.5 hours last night installing and re-installing Windows 2000. Another few hours this morning/afternoon. Every time I installed any of the video drivers for the Leadtek card (Leadtek's or nVidia's) I wound up with a machine that couldn't display anything (even in safe mode) because the driver would always load and corrupt the ...

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Go egg or go home (Setuptools seduces me...)

As of now I've introduced a dependency on setuptools into OpenGL-ctypes. The ability to readily define a published plug-in API is the thing that finally swayed me. It cleans up the array FormatHandler registration very nicely. It also makes a nice .egg, eventually should allow for automated installation, and generally is a lot simpler to ...

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Face-planting hurts (And other trivia from last night...)

Went to the ROM with Soni, her niece and nephew last night. To get there I tried to ride Soni's bike over. Of course, I hadn't thought about riding a bike when I chose (well, I really only have one) my coat for the evening. Long story short I wound up "tied" to the bike ...

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Printer installation goes flawlessly (Modulo one routing issue...)

Really quite a pleasant surprise setting up the Brother 2070N here. I've become accustomed to wrestling with printers in Linux; here it was a few short tasks, all laid out nicely in the (online) documentation. Both of my machines printed flawlessly on the first try. Yay.

Only annoying this is that the WRT45GL's certificate was ...

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I really need to set some time aside for thesis work (Juggling act has too many balls...)

I got reminded 3 times over the week that it's been months since I did any serious work on my thesis (modulo the presentation at BarCamp). Given that I'm feeling somewhat burned out on accounting software maybe I should schedule a couple of weeks off in October just to work on the thesis rewrite.

Buying a printer tomorrow (Brother HL 2070N)

Need to get a printer. Every once in a while there's a document that needs to be printed and running around town to get it output on paper is just annoying. Planning on getting the Brother HL 2070N, which has an ethernet interface and reasonable (from reports) Linux drivers. It's nothing special, basically just a ...

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I suppose I will have to install Windows (Blech.)

With Python 2.5 out, probably need to build a binary of PyOpenGL-SWIG. That requires re-installing Windows (both machines are corrupt), then getting the whole MS-Toolkit compiler-chain re-built (double blech). Windows is a serious PITA.

The worst part is that I'm actually contributing to the monopoly-value of Windows (network effects) when I support libraries on it, ...

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At some point you just have to accept it (Changing core assumptions at the last moment doesn't work...)

I've spent about two solid work-days this week (one un-billable) attempting to find a way to refactor the VoIP project to eliminate some glaring structural problems related to the original spec that keep getting in the way of forward coding. Problem is, they are with core objects that affect pretty much every line of code ...

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