Almost done setting up the win32 toolchain (Downloading the last piece now... and for the next few hours)

I've got most of the system setup done for the Win32 compilation. I have the cygwin tools all installed and the major projects checked out. I've got the path and pathext setup for python and have easy-install installed. However, I'm missing a module that's sitting on the machine's (reiserfs) hard-disk un-checked-in (and thus unavailable to windows), so I'll have to wait for the downloading to finish to work on that (I'd been hoping to work on it while the compiler pieces continued downloading).

I've got a disk image built for the base windows install + updates (did that so that I'd feel comfortable trying to get the video driver running, no luck there, however), will re-image when I get the toolkit set up. I'm planning on just storing a DVD-R with the image somewhere so I can skip this pain in the future. I'm also going to burn off backups of all of the downloadables onto a DVD so I don't have to go through this (550 MB of downloads at 20Kb/s (Rogers can be a pitiful sometimes)) every time I want to set up a new machine for Win32 development.

I could really use a break at this point. Maybe I should read for a few hours and worry about building and porting the software some night later this week. Or just read the news and then get back to it... I'll leave you all in suspense for now.


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