Don't get anywhere particularly useful on Win32 (Do get past the particular failure)

The proximate failure on Win32 appears to be a problem with how distutils handles "spawning" processes. If I replace the spawning code with os.system calls then SimpleParse builds correctly from distutils.

However, there's no Numeric for Python 2.5 against which to build, and I eventually just got tired of trying to figure out what I need to install and where/how to get that to build. Also spent some time trying to get the postgresql client library to build, but wound up with source errors that look like a configuration issue (again).

Anyway, I think I'm pretty much finished for the evening. I need to just relax for a couple of hours at this point. Tomorrow (I'm taking a 4-day weekend) I'm going to work on OpenGL-ctypes for the bulk of the day then work on a paper with Soni in the evening.


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