On puppy love and training (First session with the trainer)

We had our first session with the puppy trainer this evening. Biggest revelation for me is that you can demand far more from the puppy than I'd expected. I'd somehow understood that you had to wait until they are 4 or 5 months before you start demanding close-leash walking and the like. She demonstrated that at this age they soak up the order and structure like sponges far more than I'd thought possible.

I'd experimented with close-leash walking a little, but I was letting him get away with far more than she was and as a result he was still fighting me to some extent. With her (and me afterward) he simply accepted the lead and followed along behind the pack leader.

It's interesting from a perception and cognition standpoint... sort of makes me want to work on the thesis, but my hands are karked from the day's paying work and then the C hacking, so I'll leave that to some other day.


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