That goes reasonably well (Apparently giving up on sleep is the answer...)

I just gave up on sleeping last night and kept pounding on the code. My hands aren't happy with me, but there are only a very small number of bits still to convert (as far as I can see). While I've been working I've also had the computer compiling Eric/PyQt/SIP/QScintilla (yay, it works, secret is to have sip on ~amd64 and everything else on amd64).

I've also had the machine compiling a window manager for AIGLX (Beryl) and have been trying to get pysvn 1.5 to install so that I can generate project files for Eric... so far no luck there (undefined symbol: Py_InitModule4, maybe a failure to define something as extern C?). Too tired to look into it tonight.

For now I'm thinking I'll try to reboot the machine and see how badly I've karked it before I drop into bed. Have fun all.

[Update: Ooh eye candy! I've been playing, mostly just getting bindings so that I can make a window semi-transparent with a key-stroke. With that Mythfrontend can run quite happily behind a semi-transparent window. Still haven't figured out how to make the window (which is full screen by default) show as on-top and smaller (I used to like to have the PVR play in a small overlay on top of the desktop as I worked). Oh well, something to work on some other time. Hmm, spoke too soon, turns out that I've got the "black screen when out of video memory" problem turning up... means I can only have 2 or three applications open... which makes the setup a non-starter. Sigh.]


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