Oh, I'll just fix that little problem (He says for the hundredth time, knowing as he does it's a mistake...)

I seem to have fallen into a never-ending abyss of little fixes and an infinite regress of minor details. As I've been try to get back to stability I keep seeing little things that I know I should leave "broken", but "it'll only take 20 minutes"... which is turning this into a very long and not very fun week. Sure, the result is cleaner, but darn it, I'm down to 3.5 days here. I wanted to be in final testing 1.5 days ago and I'm still reworking basic functionality.

Annoying thing is that I know better, there's just some part of me that doesn't want to let the project get out "ugly" again. I'm hereby promising myself that we are finished with little side-project fixes. Closure is the goal. Close. Close. So close to closure.


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