Eric the Python IDE Rocks (Just struck by the need to say this...)

I've been working without Eric on the workstation for a while now (due to build problems under Python 2.5)... or more accurately, I've not been working on the workstation much, partly because I didn't have Eric there. (Since the workstation is by far the most ergonomic place I have available to code (with the chairs at Linux Caffe being second), this has been sub-optimal.)

With Eric built again and the new project-generation script update one of the biggest annoyances in the IDE is now gone (I now have every source file in "sources", instead of having all my .kid, .html and .js files over in "other"). Fact is, I use the IDE primarily because of the project overview (quick access to any of the hundreds of files), project search (select, ctrl-shift-f and I'm searching the whole project) and other pedestrian features, but without them I'm dramatically slower, particularly when doing whole-project refactoring.

I tweak the editor to work just the way I want (not many tweaks, just using tabs and having ctrl-tab switch between editing tabs) and then I basically forget about it. I don't use any of the funky features (not even the shell), but the productivity boost from having the core functionality is noticeable.

Anyway, kudos deserved by Detlev and the rest of the Eric3 team for making a solid Python code-editing tool.


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