A certain quiet satisfaction (Jobs done and books up-to-date...)

I've just finished catching up on all of the accounting for the company. This month was hectic with the old company issues, so I wound up losing about 3 weeks in the middle where I was dealing with that. As a result I neglected the accounting in the new company (bad). Tonight I stayed up a bit late to get it all caught up (good).

I have to look into how to do the GST remittance tomorrow. Also need to deposit the cheques... I have cheques sitting here for approximately 1/4 of the year's income for the company. Need to get into a schedule for hitting the bank, but CIBC has this annoying opening time of 09:30 am, about 15 minutes after it's convenient for me to be there if I'm going to be down at Linux Caffe and working by 10:00.

The launch of the restructured code-base this morning (yesterday morning now, I suppose) did not go well. Basically I crammed and crammed and seemed to have to everything working perfectly and then an error in the database server on the machine meant that it failed on what had worked everywhere else. I managed to work around the problem this afternoon, though, so the job did get done (yay).

As I was working, I have to admit to a bit of a twinge of pride at the new code. Every once in a while something would just "fall out" of the code, some big knot of ugly specialised code would just disappear because the correct structures were in place now to support it. There's still lots of work to do on the refactoring, but it does seem like a very good step.

Need to work on one of the reports first thing, the code didn't get updated to deal with an inversion of values (negative instead of positive), so it's going to look weird if anyone looks at it tomorrow. However, the book-keeping took longer than I thought, so I'll leave that until tomorrow. We start training for Soni tomorrow, that should be fun. Yay!


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