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Sept. 11, 2006 - Sept. 17, 2006

Ctypes arrays as storage format (Seems natural given the implementation...)

Today (and yesterday) I added support for making ctypes arrays first-class array-storage formats for OpenGL-ctypes. That is, you can do this:
import OpenGL
OpenGL.preferredArray( 'ctypesarrays' )

Before you import OpenGL functions in your application and array-producing calls will then use ctypes arrays for the produced arrays (i.e. glGet* will return ctypes arrays instead of Numpy ...

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Adding a type for documentation in epydoc (ctypes "Functions" as routine data-types...)

As mentioned a few posts ago, I've been looking at how to make the OpenGL-ctypes auto-generated documentation useful. What I want to do is to register the ctypes "functions" as regular routines, with docstrings and preferably with structured meta-data such as the data-types of arguments, error-checker and the like displayed in a consistent way.

The ...

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That was unbelievably frustrating! (Subversions silliness all day...)

Spent the whole day on the CVS to Subversion migration for one of our projects. Wound up with the mime-types screwed up, then somehow got the repository into a state where it was impossible to merge between a branch and the trunk because the resulting merged file would always be out-of-date.

Eventually just decided to ...

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Running an email server at home is great (Until it gets turned off while you're out...)

It seems that either my workstation or my internet connection at home has gone down. Last time this happened it was a cable I'd mistakenly unplugged when grabbing a router. Time before that it was my cousin turning off the machine because it was keeping her awake. Both times, however, there was someone at home ...

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To His Lips

He stares out the dark window
Half-eaten sandwich rising to his lips
Without seeing the undead suits
Crowded around him to feast
On the dark corpse of hope
He doesn't consider the taste
It has no great taste
It rises unbidden to his lips

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