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Oct. 9, 2006 - Oct. 15, 2006

Argh, two hours wasted (Testing is useless if the app you're using to record results crashes...)

Spent almost 2 solid hours running tests for OpenGL-ctypes on AMD64 Linux this afternoon. Unfortunately, NVU crashed as I was entering the result for the second-to-last test. Argh. Apparently I didn't save during the entire period, so the recorded tests are at exactly the same point they were yesterday.

I'm going to skip doing the ...

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Bit of project maintenance work on OpenGL (Before and after work...)

Integrated a patch from Marco and answered various project-related emails this morning. Then started writing a "Using OpenGL in Python" document for the new release. Lastly started going through the demos and creating an up-to-date table showing passing/failing demos for each platform (well, just the one at the moment, but with space for the others). ...

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A lesson from years of PyOpenGL (Not quite Zen, but oh well...)

I took over managing the PyOpenGL project a very long time ago. Over that period it's had a complete rewrite (two if you count OpenGL-ctypes) and has dramatically grown in complexity. However, for the most part it has "just worked"... once you got it installed.

Over the years, however, we've been dogged by extensive problems ...

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Reversal on Ubuntu (I know they don't build from source very often, but really...)

I sat down briefly at Soni's last night to try to test OpenGL-ctypes, and OpenGLContext. After a bit of wrestling to get a non-admin setuptools install I realised that Soni didn't have ctypes installed. Okay, so download and build ctypes... except that the libffi failed to build (compilation errors).

I was too sick/out-of-it to think ...

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A weekend of little tasks (Bits and pieces but no great accomplishments)

I took a 4 day weekend intending to spend the entire time on OpenGL-ctypes and related projects, trying to get the whole enchilada moved to an alpha release. Somehow out of the entire weekend I only seemed to get about 1 day of hacking in.

During that short period I ported SimpleParse and TTFQuery to ...

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