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Oct. 16, 2006 - Oct. 22, 2006

Off to do some Hiking (Could use a break from system failures...)

Seems like the last two days have been nothing but system failures. Spent a very long day (12+ hours) yesterday battling Qt and/or Asterisk silliness of one type or another in order to get a tiny little project done. Burned hours trying to get Eric3 running on the workstation (with another half hour this morning, ...

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Getting sip to build on Gentoo Python 2.5 (Or, how to use for those who don't feel like using "layman")

When I upgraded the workstation to 2.5 I wound up breaking the Eric3 IDE that I use for all my hacking (Python and otherwise). It was broken because of some Python 2.5 HeapTypeObject structure changes that meant the SIP wrapper generator wouldn't work. A search of the net revealed what appeared to be an ebuild ...

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Ah the joys of bundling (Wish I had time to work on it today)

Blake reports that things go to handbaskets when attempting to include OpenGL (-ctypes) in a Py2App bundle. Apparently the setuptools entry-point registrations (which are required by OpenGL-ctypes) are not getting triggered so there's no handlers available.

And there's the flip-side of using big, standard(-ish) packages, when they break, you have to be willing (and have ...

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Successes and failures trickle in (So far three of them...)

So far the count (for people other than me) of successes/failures is 1:2, with Blake getting a flawless install on OS X and Simon and Bill getting "Unexpected HTML page found at" errors. I'm now plowing through the 170 messages sitting in my distutils folder (I subscribe, but I often ignore the mailing list) to ...

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