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Feb. 13, 2006 - Feb. 19, 2006

A Few Short Hours

In a few short hours
I see more beauty
Than I see in weeks
Yet it is all hollow
Seeing only
Never touching
Nor even talking
So what is gained
Yet still I'd rather see
More within the weeks

My Released Eyes

In the cafe this evening
There was a beautiful lass
For a few moments
She trapped my wayward eyes
Yet when I returned to my table
She'd turned herself plain
And did not my eyes trap again

Eyes of the Pretty People

The vacuous eyes of the pretty people
Stare at me from glossy posters
Trying to entice me
Seemingly unaware that they disgust me
Because at some deep-seated level
I am enticed

Wednesday is the Toronto Philosophy group meeting (Guess that's today now...)

For those interested in discussing ideas in Philosophy, our little group meets in the Daily Express Cafe @ 6pm Wednesday (it's the cafe in the Hotel about 1/2 block West of St. George Street on Bloor). Generally interesting discussions, worth checking out.

Of course, i forgot that tomorrow is also Pearl's birthday party, so I'll ...

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Blocking on system setups (Wasting time trying to work around missing libraries...)

Have spent way too much of today on non-billable work that's basically just trying to work around not-yet-installed system libraries. Could probably have finished the task if I'd had a working environment. Of course, most of that wasted time is my own fault, should have just accepted that the libraries weren't there yet and moved ...

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A Perfect Day

It's beginning to rain
As I walk in the door
Breaking the dense heat
Of a summer's city day
There's smoke in the air
You wanted to see
Whether you could build
A robot from an old TV
Your face covered in soot
Hair pinned up with pens
Bright smile flashing out
As it crawls ...

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Newest StarPy Twisted protocols for Asterisk released (Getting ready to use them for a real world project...)

After a couple or three hours of paying work, sat down to polish the StarPy code to the point where I can use it for writing a real server (also to be paying work). First server should be fairly trivial, it's just a FastAGI instance that attaches to the MySQL CDR database and the provisioning ...

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The Heart Behind the Golden Mask

Behind that perfect visage
That the saints and scholars praise
My perverse thoughts do wander
Wondering who I'd find behind
Does that lady fear the darkness
Can she feel it press her eyes
Does she weary of base men
Lauding praise and gilded verse
Upon her outward facing mask
When she would have them love ...

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