This week was just too long (Treading water...)

My plan last Wednesday was to get a given feature finished, have the customer review it on Thursday and then do some polishing. Various factors killed my productivity on Wednesday and Thursday (much of it being an aborted attempt to create the "right" system instead of the "right now" system). Still, woke up Friday planning to just charge in and work on the simplified version planned out on Thursday.

Then on Friday I got one of those highest-priority-must-fix calls. Thought I got it fixed by 5am Saturday. But on Monday discovered it went totally wrong due to a stupid slip of the fingers while I was trying to fix some shallow little error way too late at night.

Was cleaning up from that stupid little slip of the fingers until around midnight last night. Then plowed ahead on the feature and got about 1/2 of the missing UI created... but I was up until past 7am doing it. Couldn't sleep more than 3 hours (another problem report @10am, calls every few hours since). I really thought I could finish the feature last night... I probably would have, but I ran into a whole series of no-OIDs-on-postgresql-any-more problems that I had to fix on the side (the main billing system is migrating to the newer postgresql soon).

Anyway, have to pick up Soni's new laptop this afternoon (15 days to get it in stock), then we're having her niece and nephew over to play with the puppy for the evening. I could really use a few hours more of sleep, but every time I try to rest I wind up lying awake.

I wonder if Gent would want to play a game of Age of Empires or Red Alert? Something that doesn't require any great amount of thought. Probably rather play with the puppy I suppose.


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