First Toronto OLPC Developer's Meetup (Should have done a general introduction...)

Reasonably good turn out at the OLPC Developer's meetup. I'd been hoping to get the whole group to sit down and work on documenting Sugar. However, most of the people at the meeting hadn't really begun working on the environment, and a number hadn't really been through any informational session... we should have spent some up-front time going over the general introduction and orientation.

Amanda, Myles and I are going to do a documentation sprint tomorrow afternoon at Linux Caffe. Goal is to get all of Sugar and Hippo doc-stringed sufficiently that the auto-generated documentation can be used for following what's going on in the system.

Also discussed some ideas for a new interface for the Networking setup mechanisms with Myles. After all that I sat down this evening to push the week's billing-system changes up to the live server (as well as fixing a few bugs along the way).


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