Just 1.5 days left (Little odds and ends of work...)

We spent the whole day on billing-system stuff, nothing huge, just going through and seeing which tickets we can get done before we head off to Italy. Bit of project management too, grooming the ticket-tracker to find the old, already-finished tickets, marking tickets waiting that are blocked, that kind of thing.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, though with some testing and verification to be sure we haven't left anything hanging that will fail during the trip.

Regarding the trip, my intention is to put all of the various documentation I've collected on interesting buildings in Milan, Florence and Rome onto the little laptop. The USB key didn't get recognised as /dev/sda1 when I plugged it in. I must be missing something; "Copy files from a USB key" is a basic use-case, but I didn't see anything that would even begin to let me do it.

I know a reasonable amount about Linux, but I haven't a clue how to make a USB key show up if udev doesn't produce a /dev/XXX device for it when you plug it in, so I couldn't even accomplish it from the command line. Sigh.


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