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This should not be this hard (Qemu or chroot'd loopback mount...)

Looking at what to recommend for developers wanting to get started this evening.

Xen doesn't seem like a readily deployed solution: manually rework your whole boot system, build multiple kernels, edit configuration files, hope it works. Fine for sysadmins building computers every day, but not a programmer's favourite way to deal with their primary development ...

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Turtle now animates (No turtle graphic yet, though)

Have pushed updates that let the turtle's graphics get animated via the GUI. Code doing that is still pretty simple, but it seems to work reasonably well in terms of animating what was done to draw the graphics. Uses the whole command-set (at least, what's been drawn to date) to determine scale/transform, so that the ...

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Think I've basically "got" bzr now (We'll see...)

Have pushed a copy of my bzr repository up for the spike-test of Cairo rendering Turtle graphics. You can get it by installing bzr and then doing:
bzr branch

Not much has changed since last night, I've just been working on figuring out bzr and doing a bit of clean-up to make the code ...

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Cairo feels a lot like OpenGL (Turtle graphics interpreter spike-test limping along...)

I got a simple spike test done for PyCairo usage. Mostly this is just me figuring out how PyCairo works and how it and PyGTK interact. No big deal right now, it takes turtle commands from the turtle object's queue (produced by Python source running in a background thread) and translates them into simple Cairo ...

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