Wow, locked VoIP routers are annoying (Especially when you ask for unlocked explicitly...)

Picked up a VoIP router for my sister today. Chap at Canada Computers assured me it was an unlocked router, despite the "Earthlink" branding. Got home, installed it, and it's locked. Now I need to trek all the way back down there to return it. Bah.

Here's an idea for Linksys: have a way to clear the freepin VoIP controls on the bloody router. I'm sure there are areas where someone is subsidizing the router, but AFAICT this was a full-price router, so why shouldn't I be able to use it with my chosen SIP provider? Bah.

[Update] and now it turns out they don't even sell unlocked routers (at least, that's what the salespeople told us this afternoon). We're thinking we'll buy one from our client when we go up to visit them.


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