Oh, they want lots of details (Check the duration of presentations...)

Turns out I'm scheduled to give a 2.5 hour presentation tonight (Soni pointed that out yesterday night). Should remember to check these things. Not a big issue, I can talk for days about the project off the cuff, but the slide decks I've been using lately are targeted at a 20-30 minute presentation (or less). I figure 60 minutes presentation and 60 of discussion should work fine, but that means expanding on the technical details substantially.

Sigh, so much for getting work-work done today... if that silly game idea hadn't kept me up half the night...

Hrrm, and now as I look up numbers, there are values I've been wrong on. Range on the battery charge voltage I'd somehow/where heard as 2-24V, but looks like we're only 11 to 18V. Similarly looks like what I'd thought was the manufacturing date (Nov 2) is actually just the code-freeze date for the developers. Argh. I hate being wrong about stuff like that :( . Bah.


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