Game Jam Toronto Plans (Need to make some...)

We've got a venue (Linux Caffe). The venue is reasonably small, so we can't have more than about 8 people (otherwise we start annoying other customers and/or preventing them from getting a table). At the moment we have ~5 people, 4 coders and an artist (I'm counting myself as a coder for this project). We also have someone who would like to observe for some part of the time.

Plan so far is to start on Friday evening doing planning, sketching and the like. Saturday and Sunday will be comparatively much longer days, though probably we'll start "late morning" each day so that we're not exhausting people too much (Linux Caffe is open until 11pm). We may wind up with a few remote developers available, if so we'll set up a channel on IRC to coordinate with them.

At the moment it looks likely that we'll go with the "Productive" game, starting with a cut-down version of the rules (essentially a real-time version of Go, with the ability to move pieces). That should let us get the rendering, interactivity and network operations working, hopefully before the weekend is out. One of the possible attendees is working on another game design, we'll have to look at that one and see if it's likely to be more fun (educational) for the kids.

As mentioned before, I've begun poking through the olpcgames source to understand how it works. I'll try to get some time to fix a few things (and/or implement some desirable features), and get a number of spike tests done for "how we could do this". I'm not going to actually code any of the particular game's rules or interface, I want that to be a team project. I'm just checking to see if there are going to be show-stopping technical issues before we sit down to write the actual game.

Okay, off to a temple that's on top of a mountain. It's raining again (seems when it's raining in the morning it takes me forever to get out the door).


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