Poor timing in network operations (I do not heart sugar-jhbuild)

Discovered a strange bug when I was working on networking the TicTacToe game. Remembered someone reporting a mucked-up sharing issue (sharing just went AWOL), so I updated via jhbuild. Urgh.

Now the sharing issue is worse and I'm without a working development environment on this machine (vmware is killing the whole machine due to a kernel-driver issue). Would be really nice if I could rewind jhbuild to 1 week ago, when these bugs hadn't shown up yet, but that's been the "wouldn't it be nice" for jhbuild all along.

No problem, thinks I, I'll just boot up the trusty B4 and test directly on it... except it refuses to install any .xo files. IOErrors and/or missing directory complaints. Sigh. Guess we'll use bzr to pull dev images onto it for testing instead of installing .xos.

Anyway, long story short, not going to get anything more done on the networking of the TicTacToe game. Really, really annoying timing, as this was a spike test to see what approach would work best for the Game Jam over the weekend.


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