Argh! Proposals! (Completely forgot them today...)

Way too few hours in the day. Need to get proposals put together for PyCon Tutorial and Talk. So little time, so much to get done.

Got the XO and the big laptop sharing via bzr on the workstation at home at least. Big laptop is currently in the middle of upgrading itself as a result (it was part-way through a failed upgrade to Gutsy and refused to just install bzr without doing the rest of the upgrade too).

[Update] Almost 5am and I'm just finishing the Tutorial proposal. No way I can get to the Talk proposal tonight. May just have to skip it this year.

[Update2] And now the big laptop's entire networking configuration is down the toilet, can't even restart the networking service.

[Update3] OMG. I now have to toggle the network hard-switch when trying to connect to an unencrypted network... my computer has developed demons and I must perform a ritual to exorcise them each time I want to connect to the world of the living...


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