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April 16, 2007 - April 22, 2007

Crash-on-start is sub-optimal too (But that's somewhat fixed now...)

Spent the whole day working on the code for the Laptop. Some time on sketching the network-setup UI Myles and I were discussing as well. Biggest problem is that such a project will take months and we've only got about 3 months until we need to think about shipping. That said, I really wish I ...

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Crash-on-save is frustrating (As a feature, that is...)

Just had OpenOffice crash when I went to open the "File" menu to save the document I'd just finished. The computer was loaded, but not horrifically so, but once that menu started the whole machine just stopped responding (even to ssh logins)... other than a cursor, no signs of life.

This is now the second ...

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Long day's documentation (22+ person-hours of work)

Amanda, Soni, Myles and I did a documentation sprint today. We were adding docstrings to the various service modules. Still some of that still-to-land tomorrow. Anyway, very tired now, worked more than 10 straight hours myself. Seneca also did some work toward her idea of a Turtle "robot" built out of cheap motors using the ...

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First Toronto OLPC Developer's Meetup (Should have done a general introduction...)

Reasonably good turn out at the OLPC Developer's meetup. I'd been hoping to get the whole group to sit down and work on documenting Sugar. However, most of the people at the meeting hadn't really begun working on the environment, and a number hadn't really been through any informational session... we should have spent some ...

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Reasonable day's work (Despite an afternoon nap...)

Soni and I were just too tired to go back to work after lunch today. Wound up sleeping for 3 hours until just before Simon and Fan dropped in. Simon's going to try to drop into the Toronto OLPC Developer's group at Linux Caffe tomorrow (Thursday) night (7pm).

Since they left we've been head-down-and-working. A ...

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Crashes (Moments out of the stream of life...)

Taking the TTC home today I had to get out a few blocks away. There was an accident on Bathurst. Looked like a head-on collision at very high speed. The car was completely totaled, the van had jumped way over into the courtyard of a nearby building.

Whoever had been in the cars was long ...

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Python in a Strange Land tonight at PyGTA (IronPython and ASP.NET)

PyGTA this evening is getting a presentation from Myles Braithwaite :) . He's going to be showing us the IronPython implementation for use in ASP.NET applications.

While Python is normally associated with the Free and Open Source communities, contractors and developers using it often need to work on Microsoft's development platforms. IronPython is a Python ...

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