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June 25, 2007 - July 1, 2007

Compiled GLE DLL for Win32 (For the compiler-less masses...)

I managed to get the regular Toolkit compilation toolchain all configured and ready-to-go this morning. Result is that we now have a pre-compiled GLE DLL available for Win32 for use with PyOpenGL 3.x. Still missing a pre-compiled TCL/Tk extension (Togl) to get to full coverage of the PyOpenGL 2.x functionality.

Need to look at the ...

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Why is finding an accountant online so hard? (Only half a dozen in Toronto?)

Spent another 4 hours on the taxes today, mostly getting the final forms printed on a non-mucked-up printer and then copying in all the values and checking the results. Total cost is getting way up there, around $2175 in time that could have been billable. Just because I wound up waiting for recommended people to ...

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Reading up on VServer (Hopped up chroot jail, basically...)

Since VServer appears to be going in (somehow, for some period of time) I spent quite a bit of time while not emailing today reading up on the technology. It's basically some capability bits and somewhat improved chroot implementation AFAICS.

The most disturbing issue VServer seems to address is a trivial escape provided for ...

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Taxes melt minds (Fall-through on accountants causes headaches...)

I've now had 4 different planned tax accountants "drop through", one turned out not to be able to do corporate tax (duh! wish I'd known that before waiting until she was free), the one recommended by her used to do taxes for big corporations but doesn't touch taxes any more, and two others (recommended again) ...

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