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July 2, 2007 - July 8, 2007

One more big item off the todo list (Brokers beginning to make sense...)

We have a new apartment at Yonge and Davisville (come the 28th). Just have to drop in and get the paperwork done on Monday. Other than moving we are pretty much finished the "big" items on the "family" todo list. Still a few big individual things for each of us, but we're basically ready to ...

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Apartment hunting sucks... (Long day's wandering)

We decided to move to a new place a couple of months ago. Couldn't get anyone to show us a place to which to move until this month (they all wanted to concentrate on the start-of-this-month crowd). So, we've been apartment hunting. 5 working days spent so far.

We thought we were going to close ...

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My XO seems to have lost its touchpad (Well, usability on it, anyway...)

Showing the laptop to a lady yesterday I discovered that the touchpad/trackpad was misbehaving. Moving the cursor would work as long as I was touching the trackpad, but when I took my finger off the trackpad the cursor would jump back (that is, in the reverse of the direction of motion) a couple of cursor-widths ...

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Laptops for Nigeria (Different type...)

Came into the "office" this morning to discover a last-minute project in-process. Project was attempting to get a "boxed" Edubuntu configuration that was to be carted over to Nigeria for one of their model schools. 3 hours to build the whole system.

We wound up with just the server (an old laptop) poorly configured, but ...

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I'd forgotten how loud normal desktops are! (Rescue machine seems less a gift...)

We have a rescue machine here. Soni gave her (reasonably powerful) workstation to a family member in exchange for their tired old machine. It's a consumer-level Compaq, nothing special and I'm sure quite normal seeming to most people.

But it's driving me nuts! It's so loud and annoying!

As of having to replace the old ...

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