Dates for hiking (Two of them... too bad neither is a date-as-such)

Lisa, Shiva and I will likely be going on a car-hike on the weekend of the 25th. Natasha (former gf) wants to do one as well, much sooner than that (i.e. in 10 days or so). I put on shoes today for the first time since dancing on Saturday... ouch... the "wounds" are definitely not healed up yet. Hopefully it'll be fine in a week and a half for the first hike.

Lawrence has almost completed moving out. Rosey has now brought in two plants, both rather large. We're going to need to make room for them somewhere. I think she really wants to move in ASAP. Sisters are so cute sometimes.

PyGTA was very enjoyable, though a small crowd. We had two new users out. Next month we're going to start tackling the list of desired lecture/presentation topics. The pool hall afterward was almost entirely deserted (and enjoyably smoke-free). They had basically us, two other largish groups (we were only 5, but that was large for the evening) and one or two players (previously they were packed on Tuesdays). Guess they really did lose business when the smoking ban came into place.


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