Bit of qnet hacking

Got the multiple-channel dispatching roughed in.  Also roughed in the event-sending interface.  Sped up the handling considerably for long pending queues (was doing a linear scan of the whole queue for each ack'd message, oops).  Also roughed in code for ordered-but-not-guaranteed channels (i.e. channels that keep the latest received values, dropping any missing messages).  Statistics are a bit more useful, and we now report and disconnect on congestion.  (Thinking maybe the disconnect shouldn't be automatic, should let the game decide what to do with it).


  1. rob harvie

    rob harvie on 08/07/2008 9:43 p.m. #

    Just droppin by to check out your adventures. I'm off to web3D (anyone you want me to say hi to?) and SIGGRAPH on Saturday.

    Will give you a holler by and by....

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