Almost done the doc generation script

I've got the documentation generation script for PyOpenGL 3.x to the point where the output seems to be reasonably useful.  It's definitely got rough spots, but it shows the C and Python APIs (C from docbook source files, Python by introspection).

If you just want to take a look, sample output is up at a temporary location.

If anyone wants to play with the code and/or contribute patches/fixes, it's up on LaunchPad:

bzr branch

You'll need a checkout of latest OpenGL-ctypes to run the generate script.

Still haven't got integration of sample code done, mostly because I want to make maintaining that automatic and that takes some time.  I'd like to be able to just checkout the project, run "update sample" (or something) and regenerate the docs with (i.e. no interaction required).

Really need to figure out something for documenting extensions... problem being that a lot of extensions are only documented as diffs to the spec, rather than in a human-readable format (in my experience).  May just wind up using Python introspection for them I suppose, maybe with a spec-source link.

If you know where to get the OpenGL 2.1 (or even 3.0) DocBook manual source files, I would very much like to have those in order to update the docs.  With 3.0 much of the stuff in OpenGL 1.x (which is what the current docs are from) is deprecated, so we're just documenting the stuff that's going to disappear :( .


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