Modernizing the Version Control System for PyOpenGL

I've finally begun the process of switching to a modern VCS for PyOpenGL.  I've requested imports of PyOpenGL, PyVRML97 and OpenGLContext into LaunchPad.  Hopefully that will be a reasonably fast process.  The final straw was checking out the code on Win32 and realizing just how many pointless directories are created (there were a few import mishaps early in the projects which littered the CVS tree with empty directories).

This should hopefully make it easier for people to play with the code and send me patches for their platforms/problems as well.  I've honestly just chosen bzr because that's what Aaron works on, and it's what I use for one of my clients and a number of my personal projects.  I gather Hg is faster, but I haven't had an serious problems with bzr yet.


  1. Chris Leary

    Chris Leary on 09/19/2008 9:49 p.m. #

    I've also found that bzr has a more user-friendly command line interface for people transitioning to DVCS. I've used bzr for several projects and hg for a few others -- with a reasonably sized code base you probably won't notice a speed difference.

    Launchpad has also been great given its bzr integration and merging/code review capabilities.

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