A few steps forward...

Got PyOpenGL working on both Ubuntu and Win32 again for basically everything.  Cleaned up the baseplatform module to reduce the code duplication in there.  Updated the extensions included to OpenGL 3.0.  Added in a contributed demo in the demos package.

Will see if I can get a few hours to do a release over the weekend.  Still waiting on the OpenGL.org release of the OpenGL 2.1 manual docbook files to regenerate the online documentation.  Unexpected dinner this evening, so I won't get OSX tested tonight.

Still need optimization and cleanup passes, as well as tests of installation (which should now be much simpler).  Would like to get a shader program (low-level) test to complement the shader-object (GLSL) tests, but I doubt I'll program one up myself (GLSL already seems so low level).

Hopefully the import to LaunchPad will finish tonight and I can do some basic source code tree cleanup as well.


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