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Teaching is Exhilarating

Someone asked me this morning if I'd really be willing to up-roots and move to another country to teach in a university.  This evening I would definitely say yes.  There's something so attractive about taking a block of knowledge and organizing it so that other people can understand it.

Anyway, have been working on the ...

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Fido doesn't have a single S60 phone!?

So much for getting a Python-programmable phone.  Fido has only S40 phones AFAICS.  Rogers has reasonable S60 phones, but they're $300 *with* the multi-year contract and then have to add a rather expensive plan.  I've got something like $90 in "Fido Dollars" (a measure of how much I've been suckered so far), so I can ...

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Dojo DataGrid

Spent the afternoon on Dojo Grid/DataGrid stuff.  Wound up with something that works if and only iff I use the latest svn head and I don't include it in the widgets I need to include it in.  So it seems as though in this case I'll likely be writing my own or going back for ...

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