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Feb. 23, 2009 - March 1, 2009

Sure, I'm fine, but...

Realized today as I wrote the presentation for PyOpenGL that one of the bullet points "calculate the transform matrix yourself" is going to be a considerable challenge for new users of (Py)OpenGL.  OpenGLContext/PyVRML97 has code to do this already for its hierarchy of nodes, but it's a C-coded extension to have reasonable performance.

May need ...

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Should make the VBO objects act as arrays if no implementation

As I'm going through the (rather mechanical) process of eliminating the deprecated OpenGL functionality from OpenGLContext, I'm discovering something I hadn't thought about before, when I was on the library providing side.  Namely that most of the time what you really want to do is to create the VBO and if there's no implementation, still ...

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Sync Thunderbird Contacts to Bluetooth Phone?

Got the Nokia 6301.  I'm underwhelmed, but whatever, it's an included-with-the-plan phone. However, I can't find a good program for working with it over BlueTooth, wammu seems to be the only thing that can talk to it, but it doesn't seem to have any hooks into desktop applications (Thunderbird's what I care about) for sync. ...

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Learning Curves

Sat down to clean up some dojo widgets for a project today.  Basically these are "explorer" like collections of sets-of-things, with the desire to allow for filtering the set, viewing a detailed-list view, you know, standard stuff.

So I figured I would work on the detail-list stuff.  It's a simple grid control, dojo has a ...

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Adding Shader support to OpenGLContext scenegraph

Got distracted writing the presentation this evening.  I wanted a simple set of examples of shader usage, particularly with respect to replacing fixed-function pipeline operations (there's a number of partial solutions in the various OpenGL books I have on my bookshelf, but I haven't found anything that looks like a complete reimplementation, though there are ...

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Need to make Py3D easier to maintain

Py3D was hacked together in a few hours.  At some point I need to switch to a submission-and-approval system rather than a manual editing system.  I get very far behind in tracking the various projects.  Ah, the infinite todo list...

[Update] also need to check the address when I hit "reply" on a message on ...

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Teaching is Exhilarating

Someone asked me this morning if I'd really be willing to up-roots and move to another country to teach in a university.  This evening I would definitely say yes.  There's something so attractive about taking a block of knowledge and organizing it so that other people can understand it.

Anyway, have been working on the ...

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Fido doesn't have a single S60 phone!?

So much for getting a Python-programmable phone.  Fido has only S40 phones AFAICS.  Rogers has reasonable S60 phones, but they're $300 *with* the multi-year contract and then have to add a rather expensive plan.  I've got something like $90 in "Fido Dollars" (a measure of how much I've been suckered so far), so I can ...

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Dojo DataGrid

Spent the afternoon on Dojo Grid/DataGrid stuff.  Wound up with something that works if and only iff I use the latest svn head and I don't include it in the widgets I need to include it in.  So it seems as though in this case I'll likely be writing my own or going back for ...

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