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March 23, 2009 - March 29, 2009

Duh! OpenGL bug squished...

Saw strange performance show up during testing of a simple set of shader-based samples in OpenGLContext.  Discovered what seemed to be a memory leak of the wrapper objects in OpenGL_accelerate... investigation showed that the wrapers were re-"compiling" the finalized versions of the functions on every call.  Turns out that setting self.__class__.__call__ doesn't alter future calls ...

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Knee-ing video cards part II

Decided to work on the workstation today (bigger screen, tablet for drawing)... ran the little mandelbrot explorer demo.  Managed to lock up the whole machine at just a few hundred iterations.  Apparently having compiz on while doing "test the limits of your graphics card" code running is... counter-indicated.

Kinda neat zooming into the mandelbrot until ...

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