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March 16, 2009 - March 22, 2009

Bring your video card to its knees...

The Orange Book (OpenGL Shading Language 2nd Ed) has a neat little shader demo where you render the Mandelbrot set with a fragment shader.  It's one of those "cool, but not particularly practical" examples of shader's power.

I've been adding some rudimentary "generic" shader support to OpenGLContext, so I decided I'd use that little bit ...

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Sat down to generate the PyOpenGL docs today

Which uses the directdocs generator, which is based on python-lxml... but the API for lxml has apparently changed (with the rebuilding of the workstation to Ubuntu).  Namespaces have to be passed explicitly as a named argument... no problem, can fix that... oh, but now it can't resolve entity references such as ⁢ in the document. ...

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OpenGL at PyGTA

OpenGL presentation at PyGTA went alright, but it went *way* over time (2.25 hours) and that was without any particularly involved demos or the like.  Then again, wasn't really attempting to keep to any sort of timeline.  Can likely cut out much of the political stuff, and can go faster on the shader theory (I'm ...

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Lists/tuples are so convenient

As I've been working on the OpenGL presentation I've run into this issue a couple of times... much of the overhead in PyOpenGL 3.x's array-handling could be eliminated if we didn't allow for copying data at all when passing in array values.  That is, if we were to always require that the client-passed value be ...

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