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Ouch, overheating machine via Strigi

Nepomuk/Strigi felt like indexing my desktop to be all semantic-y.  Great... but wow, ~20% CPU for ~12hrs and constant disk thrashing... temperature spiked up pretty bad before I noticed it (not damaging bad, but if there'd been another load on there (i.e. graphics) I'm guessing it would have fried the machine), memory completely exhausted too ...

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Anyone with PostgreSQL-on-EC2 recipes that work?

Seeing ridiculously slow PostgreSQL performance on an application.  Can't claim the application is particularly tightly coded for DB usage (too much ORM-ish-ness), so there's room to improve there, but right now we're seeing the same app 10x slower on the EC2 instances than on my (somewhat high-end) laptop... which makes me wonder if there's some ...

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