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Make your nginx-proxied Django site detect SSL (HTTPS)

One of the nice new features in Django 1.4 is that it allows you to (easily) detect an upstream server's use of ssl using request.is_secure().  This means that your nginx configuration can use http or https on the same server and your Django site can detect it.  The magic is accomplished by *always* setting a ...

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Control Default ALSA Device via Environment Variable

Say you want to target audio to one of N (virtual) devices in ALSA for a tree of processes.  That is, you want to say "hey, all you lot, play out channels 2 and 3 of the sound card as though they were a separate card" and then tell another set of processes to do ...

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Any LibreOffice/OpenOffice/PyUno Gurus in the House?

I'm trying to code up a service that needs to auto-play presentations (mostly Powerpoint).  Users (who may not be at all technically savvy) need to be able to upload the files and have them advance regardless of whether they have properly specified auto-play settings (if they *have* set the advance properly, we want to respect ...

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Django JQuery File Upload

I'm sure there must be a really nice packaging of this, but so far all I've found is example projects that don't quite do what I'd want... so here's the basic setup; you have a Django model with File fields that you want to convert to using JQuery File Upload.  For now, we'll assume you ...

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Build PIL on a custom Python2.6 on recent Ubuntu

If you need PIL in your custom Python 2.6 build (your build needs to be custom if you want to target LTS Ubuntu Server's default Python while working on a more recent Ubuntu), you will likely find your PIL build doesn't work (because, of course, you have a 64-bit build of Ubuntu and the libraries ...

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First Lessons in Programming, Software Carpentry Review

As mentioned a few times, Matt Davis and I taught the Python section of the Software Carpentry Boot Camp this past week.  Overall the experience was positive.  We had approximately 4 (stretched to 5) hours, and developed our own curriculum with a fairly strong narrative.  Almost every exercise focused on a task, taking a CSV ...

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